Projects & References

180 Degrees Consulting

Social impact
Human-centred design
Agile project management

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university-based pro bono consultancy and is globally recognized for its merits as a premier social impact consultancy.

I am involved as Consulting Director.
My tasks include:

  • Account management of clients 
  • Mentor engagement
  • Consultant supervision, coaching & quality assurance
  • Program management and workshop design & facilitation

“The team benefits greatly from the commitment to high quality that Pia Hillebrecht brings to every task. She is always very inclusive, open, friendly and communicative while pushing the team to deliver the best possible results.

Communicating with clients, mentors and consultants, she shows utmost professionalism whilst creating a good atmosphere for collaboration.”

~ Charlotte Steinbock, Managing Director

Business of Purpose & TrendWatching

Trend Analysis
Community Building
Business development
Innovation Methodologies

I provided the Research & Insights team with relevant information, content and resources for the purpose-driven professionals of the BoP community to equip them with valuable tools and inspiration to grow purpose-driven businesses and facilitate positive impact in the world.

Together with the core team, I developed a new organizational structure and fine-tuned the brand identity and services to ensure a strategic and sustainable business development.

Furthemore, I was part of the creation of a new purpose-driven innovation methodology for the Academy of Opportunity where participants can learn how to spot meaningful business opportunities. My role was to set the tone and focus on purpose and frame the methodology within boundaries of sustainable development.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Pia Hillebrecht.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with her for three months at TrendWatching and our sister company Business of Purpose, and have been consistently impressed with her ambition, strategic mindset, work ethic, and her unique ability to bring structure, strategy and clear and informed decision making into every project she was involved in.”

~ Thomas Klaffke, Head of Insights

“Pia is a passionate, proactive, honest, and trustworthy young professional. She’s creative and innovative, and at the same time very efficient. This provides her with a great mindset for transformation, putting structure into insights, and promoting methodologies that enhance goal-oriented ideation.”

~ Judit Sáez, Head of Community

Gorenje (ReCiPSS)

Circular Economy
Project management
Business development

I was part of the European pilot project “Resource-Efficient Circular Product-Service-Systems” (ReCIPSS) to support Gorenje, one of the leading European household appliance producers, to implement an innovative circular pay-per-wash business model for washing machines in 4 European countries.
I was assisting in the development and implementation of the new business model for Gorenje, contributing in areas such as:

  • Project management
  • Consumer analysis
  • Value proposition development
  • Pricing strategy
  • Circular supply chain concept
  • Marketing strategy (Mock-Up web applications)
  • Business use case development
  • Stakeholder engagement

“During her work with Gorenje Pia got acquainted with the complex design process in a large company and difficulties connected with the introduction of novel business models where a lot of resistance toward change and moving people from their zones is needed. Pia’s contribution in this process was very important and lead to strategic changes in Gorenje company. Her maturity, communication skills, ability to see big picture and be also able to translate this to smaller manageable steps impressed everyone who met her during her work with Gorenje.”

~ Dr. Aleš Mihelič, Head of Predevelopment

“Pia’s leadership was truly exceptional. She managed to create an atmosphere of creativity and mutual respect, she brought together different ideas, found common ground and created actual progress. Anyone who has been in European project meetings knows that this is a remarkable feat, and the ease and grace with which Pia managed to do this is quite rare.”

~ Prof. dr. ir. Conny Bakker, TU Delft

Klimapatenschaft GmbH

Strategic Development
Sustainability Management

Klimapatenschaft GmbH is a sustainability consultancy in North Germany and advices a wide range of clients in all areas of corporate-governance to establish a sustainable management.

I assisted in the following projects and areas:

  • Development of a sustainability assessment concept for tourist destinations to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in contributing to a sustainable development of the region
  • Conceptual design of service proposals for clients, offering guidance in developing sustainability strategies, including CO2-, water-, waste- and employer brand management
  • Support in the development of a CO2-calculator and event-management (afforestation)

“Pia Hillebrecht possesses a very extensive and well-founded expertise in sustainable development and principles of management for sustainability which she knew to put into practice at any time. She tackled difficult tasks with great vigor and had the exceptional ability of always finding creative, practicable and suitable solutions. She always acted deliberately and goal-oriented. Foremost, we appreciated her critical and
reflective mind.”

~ Jan Sadowsky, CEO

Krinova Incubator & Innovation Park

Sustainability Strategy
Organisational development

I had the pleasure to work together with the Krinova Incubator and Science Park in Kristianstad (Sweden) to explore how they can incorporate Sustainability tighter into their daily-work.

In the workshops that me and my colleagues provided to the Krinova Core Team, we used tools of visioning, baseline assessments, ideation and prioritization in order to come up in a fully co-creative process with a Strategic Plan on how Krinova could incoroprate sustainability aspects in their unique innovation processes and philosophy.

The Strategic Plan will help Krinova to better support their local community and businesses in Sustainable Development and also improve internal processes by connecting sustainability with their core values.

“Pia is a valuable addition to any team.
Her clear sense of purpose and direction provides clarity while also leaving place to explore new options.
She has incredible workshop desing and facilitation skills, and they come naturally not only when leading a working team but also when addressing clients and other interested parties, always having the bigger picture in mind. It was a wonderful and very enjoyable experience working with her.”

~ Daniela Stange, Project Lead