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You want to integrate sustainability in your workplace?

I am your companion!

Check out my programs for individuals and
the services I offer for organizations.

For Individuals

You know you want to work in sustainability and wish to have a bigger impact with your daily work and find more meaning and fulfilment?

I offer a variety of programs for individuals in different situations – whether you are employed or not.

Choose the one that fits to your situation best!

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Impact Job Mentoring

1:1 Coaching Sessions

You are certain that you want to make your job more impactful but lack some guidance on how to approach it best.

Then I am happy to explore your current situation and future possibilities with you.
I can share my experiences in this field with you and support you in your journey.

I am sure we will find out how you can contribute to the world best in alignment with your individual skills and values.


Your Sustainability Career Compass

6-week Self-Discovery Journey + 1:1 Coaching

You want to work in sustainability but have no clue what your options are, how your skills might fit and where to start?

In this program you will get the confidence, advice and network that you need to take a decision on how you can create a job with impact for yourself.

Do you quit or do you stay? If so, what next?
Find out the right next step for yourself with my guidance, experience and support.

Fun Team Building Activity For Coworkers

Your Impact Project

12-week intensive Online Program
inkl. Peer Action Group

You know changing your job is not an option and want to explore opportunities how to integrate sustainability into your current role?

In this program you will learn to spot all the opportunities where you can make an impact within your current company – no matter which department.

This is an action-driven program where you learn how to define and directly implement a project within your realm of influence at your workplace.


Sustainability Bootcamp

12-week Online Program + Hands-on Sustainability Job Experience

You are sure you want to work in sustainability but lack confidence, tools and experience in this field to really take on a sustainability role now.

You will not only learn profoundly about sustainability to boost your conidence, tools and language in this field but also gain first-hand experience in how to work in this field through a partnership-project that you will be working on.

Impact Business Incubator

6-month Coaching and Consulting

You have a vision and want to start your own impact business that is aligned with the planetary boundaries and having a social value.

In this program you will:

  • get step-by-step guidance from idea development to building team structures
  • learn best practices on how to build a regenerative business
  • solve problems at its root and systemically
I have many years of experience in coaching intrapreneus and entrepreneurs in launching their business ideas.

Regenerative Leadership

Single Events & Annual Retreats

You are already on your sustainability journey for quite some years now and wish to connect with peers to explore new practices and hone your skills. 

It is important to share best practices among us Change Agents and energize each other with inspiration and care.

The specific topics are changing on a regular basis.


You are interested in any of the programs?

I am happy to give your more details on all the programs.

For Organizations

You want to upskill your team and develop your business?
You are bold and brave enough to explore regenerative business models?
Then we might be just the perfect match!


moduled portfolio and bespoke Webinars & Workshops

Co-creative spaces are key to develop sustainable transformations.
My workshops are interactive and hands-on.
Participants don’t only gain knowledge about a topic, but the tools they need to implement. 

Topics I cover:

  • Sustainability & Regeneration
  • Innovation & Transformation
  • Life-centred design

I adapt my programs according to your team and project.

I do virtual as well as in-person workshops. Depending on the depth required it can span from 1 day to several months of training.
Group size can vary.

Empowered women, empower others


for project groups & teams

I understand my work of “consulting” as a mutual partnership on eye-level and facilitation of a process in the service of your goals.

For a dedicated scope or timeframe, I will be a companion in your organization’s journey and help you and your team in refining your processes and strategies by giving input based on my experience.

Areas that I support in:

  • (Re-) fining your mission/vision
  •  Developing and integrating sustainability goals and strategies
  • Designing and delivering sustainability trainings and campaigns
  • (Re-) designing business processes (sustainable product development etc.)
  • Circular Business Model Development
Most often I take the role of process designer and moderator. However, I can also support with expert input on specfic topics.

Key Notes

for events

Whether you are having an event within your organization or with a diverse group of stakeholders, I am happy to give relevant input to spark new perspectives and fuel conversations.

I speak about:

  • Sustainable Product Design
  • Sustainability in Business
  • Systems Transformation
  •  Future Skills
I talk on event stages, in podcast shows, and most other formats.

Areas of Expertise

Sustainability & Regeneration

In order to sustain human life on Earth and raise equality we need to act now and re-think our current systems. I bring my experience in strategic sustainable development and help you apply the needed tools and knowledge to accelerate your sustainability journey.

Innovation & Transformation through Life-centred Design

For too long we have been focused on human-centred innovation only. I am developing new tools to drive true disruption and alignment with planetary boundaries. I help you question the status-quo and explore transformational solutions to the root causes of current social and environmental challenges.

Conscious Leadership

Any change or transformational process starts within us.
Before we can lead others, we need to connect to ourselves. Let me accompany you on your journey towards your purpose and let's together empower others.

Strategic Development

Humans are social beings. By organizing ourselves in bigger groups we have greater impact. My passion is to support businesses to create bold visions with a positive impact for society and nature and help them to strategically achieve their goals.

You are interested in working together?

Let’s get to know each other.

You want to know more?


Pia Hillebrecht

Hi, I am the Freelancer and Solopreneur behind the impacthill.s programs and services. 

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Sweden, Spain and Germany. 

I worked with organizations from 10 to 150.000 employees across various industries and countries.

However, I love working in teams, hence in all my programs I use my vast network of peers and colleagues from the field to get you the best and most up-to-date expertise.

Why work with imPactHill.s

People focused

I am a firm believer in collaboration and co-creation. I personally gain energy from discussions with people and therefore enjoy working with different teams and groups.
To solve the challenges of today's society and build strong solutions for the future we need diverse perspectives and inclusive processes. I am passionate about creating spaces of mutual respect and understanding - to learn and grow together.

Scientifically grounded

Very early, I realized that sustainability is not just a hobby for me or something that I do to relieve my conscience but a topic that unleashes my curiousity. By studying in the field of sustainability, I realize that there are only very few established methods and reliable facts. More than anything, we need to learn to deal with uncertainty and develop new solutions. Because the thinking that caused the problem will not lead to the solution.

Purpose driven

Sustainable development is my passion. After my Social Voluntary Service in Ecuador, I wanted to contribute to global social justice. Anything I do, therefore, is in line with this mission. To say it with Peter Senge's words: "It is something I cannot not do." The work can come in different ways and fields of action. I believe that everyone in the system is needed to make their contribution. It actually does not matter where or what, just that you are really comitted to a higher purpose.

What People say about my work

Some testimonials of former clients, colleagues and project partners.

"If you want to be encouraged for the better, remove what is blocking you and achieve your personal and professional vision, then working with Pia is what you need. She embodies what Sustainability should look like in our lives, she is passionate about sustainability and she cares deeply to be an example."
Juliana Salamone
Consultant in Leadership and Sustainability
@ Antesis, Argentina
"I wholeheartedly recommend Pia Hillebrecht.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with her and have been consistently impressed with her ambition, strategic mindset, work ethic, and her unique ability to bring structure, strategy and clear and informed decision making into every project she was involved in
Thomas Klaffke
Head of Insights
@ Business of Purpose and TrendWatching, Germany
"Pia's contribution was very important and lead to strategic changes in Gorenje company.
Her maturity, communication skills, ability to see big picture and be also able to translate this to smaller manageable steps impressed everyone who met her during her work with Gorenje."
Dr. Aleš Mihelič
Head of Predevelopment - Laundry Products,
@ Hisense-Gorenje, Slovenia

Do you want to join the network?

We cannot solve Gobal Challenges alone, nor run our organizations all by ourselves.
As Change Agents we need to join forces and collaborate by sharing resources and best practices.
I am very happy to share with you the insights that I come across through my work across different sectors and get into a mututal exchange.