Action Areas

I want to help businesses and organizations thrive and support them build long-term solutions for a sustainable future.
Therefore, I support the personal development of teams and individuals and accompany them on their journey with the following services.


for organizations & project groups

I understand my work of “consulting” as a mutual partnership on eye-level with everyone involved in the project or organization. For the time of collaboration, I see myself as a companion in your organization’s journey.
I will help you and your team in refining your processes and strategies.

I can offer my expertise in the following areas:

  • how to develop your business strategically
  • help your team and project to become agile and self-organized
  • how to maximize your positive impact and decrease negative externalities
Check out some of the methods that I use in my work to get a taste.
The tangible results can include:
concepts, advisory sessions, field research, desk research, workshops, process documentation, etc.
Before starting a short-term or long-term collaboration and partnership, I propose a few get-to-know and onboarding sessions.


for teams & individuals

Change and Transformation starts within you.
In today’s fast-changing environments, facing uncertainties and dealing with complexity, we need to set time aside to take a step back and see the BIG PICTURE.

I help you to commit to your personal reflection, visioning and planning time.
I will support you professionally with exercises and methods that I learned during my Master in Strategic Leadership and Courses at the MIT and Presencing Institute.

For individuals:
  • help you find your purpose “What do you really really wanna do?”
  • help you realize your personal and professional projects

For teams:

  • clarify your vision and role in the system
  • how to work agile in changing and challenging environments
  • how to work transparently with non-hierarchical work structures, such as holacracy

Book a free session to get to know each other right away.

Or take the short questionnaire first, to see if my offer matches your needs and I will contact you.
~ 4 min.


customized for your project's needs

Co-creative spaces are key for developing long-term solutions.
My workshops are interactive and hands-on. You let me know what you are working on and what input your team could use. After an initial get-to-know I adapt my programs according to your team and project.

Topics that I can cover:

  • sustainable business models, sustainability strategy, circular economy
  • system thinking, complexity, feedback loops, etc.
  • human-centred design, human innovation, product and service innovation
  • social impact, social innovation
  • leadership skills, personal development, teambuilding
  • agile teams and project management
Check out the methods that I use in my work.

Are you interested in me facilitating a workshop for you and your team?
Let’s have a chat about your project’s needs and what I could do for you.

Are you looking for a partner to co-design or co-facilitate sessions?
Let’s join forces!


best-of portfolio

I have started giving workshops to a wider audience with a collection of the best methods I know and use.
Knowledge sharing is a vital aspect. It is also a great opportunity for every participant to connect within a global community!


  1. How to create sustainable impact with your Organization
  2. How to start implementing Sustainability in your Organization
  3. How to engage all your employees in your Sustainability Strategy
  4. Tools to analyze where your Organization is in its Sustainability Journey
  5. What leadership skills do you need to empower the Change Agents in your team?
  6. Human factors influencing innovation and human-centred design techniques.
You can join any of my upcoming open online-seminars or contact me directly and I will happily give an exclusive session for you and your team.

The prices vary accoding to course and group size. Ask me if you have any questions.

Have a look at Eventbrite and sign up for one of my webinars!


June 29th & July 1st:
“How to guide Sustainable Development – TOOLKIT
-English & Spanish-


Research & Curation

in sustainability & leadership

I support you and your team in any type of desk research.

  • scientific research
  • media pieces
  • business reports

My personal expertise is in sustainability and leadership.
However, I am always curious to tap into new areas to grow my knowledge and experience.

I am also offering my support in curatory work.
I am happy to do a proof-read of facts, give detailed feedback on content and structure and have a session with you to discuss your piece. Often a neutral external opinion and input helps to think and push your work a leap forward.

The initial meeting is always free of charge. I charge per hour. The price depends on the type of research.

Follow me on Researchgate or linked-in to see some of my work.

Are you interested in working with me?