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Your customized support towards fulfilling work with positive impact 🤍

Hi, I have been a sustainability professional for more than 10 years now and supported over 100 people from various industries in implementing sustainability at their workplace. 

Because I believe every job needs to be a climate job.
And everyone can take social responsibility.

If you want to make sustainability a priority in your daily work, I am more than happy to support you in this endeavor! 

Become a sustainability professional 
in less than 3 months – 
not 3 years. 

Do you also feel we would be a great #impactteam?

It was really great to get to know you and your vision!

After having had a chat with you, I am sure, you will benefit from this program. Have a look at the details of my Mentoring Program and let me know if you are ready to create impact with your work - and in your life.


After working with me

you will have…


tweaked your current daily tasks at work so that you create your own sustainability role and project at your current work place or community


learned how to find a new job with positive impact through positioning yourself strategically and learning the relevant skills for sustainability-focused roles


finally live aligned with your values – in all aspects of your life, also work!

We work together on your personal challenge to increase impact and satisfaction with your work. 🤍

We meet in live online sessions via Zoom where I guide you with customized exercises, tools, questions and curated resources to achieve your personal goals and increase impact at work.

Between those live sessions you will get direct access to my personal inbox where you can use me as daily sparring partner and ask questions, receive feedback and request resources.

For highest flexibility, I offer “coaching cycles” of 4 sessions each. You can decide to how many months you want to commit to at start. 

(1 coaching cycle = 2 months approximately)

Suggested Timeline per Coaching Cycle

You choose how regularly you want to meet. 
I highly suggest bi-weekly sessions. 


Cycle 1

Set Goals

Connect to your passion and create an action plan towards your personal vision of future work with positive impact!

Gain clarity of the ideal role for you and the impact area you want to work in. 

Based on the opportunities you see, you take an informed decision for your next steps. #shouldistayorshouldigo

Cycle 2

Pitch yourself or your project

Learn how to EITHER pitch YOURSELF to a new job role (in your current company or at a new one) OR learn how to pitch YOUR IMPACT PROJECT to your manager or an investor to get support for your sustainability project.

Cycle 3


Implement your action plan and act as a sustainability professional with the right tools and mindset.

Live  more aligned with your values through profound changes in your work life, using my tools and best practices through sparring.

Each Coaching Cycle includes the following

Your Mentoring Support

4 Live Calls

We schedule our 1:1 live calls to a time of your convenience. Each call will be about 60 minutes via Zoom.

24/5 Support

You can reach out to me via your support channel any time and during weekdays I will answer within 24 hours to assist your questions.


Worksheets that make you not only reflect but also take action are core to our collaboration.

Curated Content

Based on your personal situation you will receive on top of the basic input, curated content for you individually by me personally selected.

Online Cloud

You will find all the material, like worksheets and input in a personal online folder that accompanies and structures your journey.


By working with me you become part of my personal network. If If I can put you in touch with someone that might be helpful to you or your project, I will do so.

- T E S T I M O N I A L -

Pia is my go to reference when working in sustainability. Since our first conversation I realized she understands our world’s  complex problems in a way I haven’t found in other specialists.

 She always has a way of helping practitioners find their own way of working and get on track when they deviate.

I am fortunate to be her mentee, she guided me while setting my purpose, understanding my clients and audience expectations, delivering a mindful message and planning engaging activities to help people understand the sustainability challenge and to make them feel inspired to find solutions.  

Whenever in doubt on designing a training or on how to approach a new job opportunity, I know I can turn to Pia’s advice, tools and guidance to find my inner knowledge or to borrow hers, which she is always happy to share.

Juliana Salamone


Your commitment to


Cycle 1

Value: 350€

  • Nail down your impact field
  • Identify your ideal impact role
  • Overview of opportunities
  • Take an informed decision
  • Get a customized action plan

Start here!

Cycle 2

Value: 450€

  • Pitch yourself or you project successfully
  • Receive continuous feedback
  •  Understand your audience
  • Sharpen your profile

Only available after Cycle 1.

Cycle 3

Value: 500€

  • Integrate feedback from your stakeholders and create change
  • Review and iterate aciton plan
  • Act as a sustainability professional using the right tools and best practices.

Only available after Cycle 2.

*All prices on this website are net prices.

Your ideal MENTORING Package

I want to reward your trust in me with special package deals – and encourage you to commit to your personal long-term goals for highest impact results possible 🤍

Cycle 1

Cycle 2

15% Discount

= 680€

instead of 800€, save more than 100€.
*Or if you are amongst the first 5 mentees this year, pay only 580€.

Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

20% Discount

= 1.040€

instead of 1.300€, save almost 200€.
*Or if you are amongst the first 5 coachees this year, pay only 940€.

Experience has shown that most people yield highest success (=change in their worklife) after 3 Coaching Cycles, with 4 sessions each.
3 Coaching Cycles hence result in a collaboration of approximately 6 months of intensive work. 
With bi-weekly sessions, each Cycle spreads over a course of 2 months. 


Ready to start your Impact Journey?

I am ready when you are 🙂

Unfortunately, I have also limited capacities as a human being and therefore limited spots per Month.
Take advantage of the offer now before your spot gets taken.
I am really excited to support you in your endeavors!


additional -100€ Discount on any Coaching Cycle or Package

For the first 5 mentees in June 2024.

My welcome gift for the brave souls amongst you 🎁

+++ Only available till June 31st 2024 +++



- T E S T I M O N I A L -

Pia has been a wonderful partner in my journey of working on socio-environmental impact projects. 

Her unwavering commitment to transforming towards a regenerative and socially just system drives her constant pursuit of knowledge and tools, enabling her to understand and assist each person she guides in the most appropriate way

In a pivotal moment of realignment in my career, Pia helped me reconnect with my motivations and purpose in this field, identify the roles I wish to pursue, and define steps to move towards my goals. 

Through powerful questions and facilitated dialogues, Pia has greatly assisted me in my professional development. 

I am very grateful for Pia’s support and I wholeheartedly recommend her work!


See if you can find the answer in the FAQ section here.
If not, I am happy to answer any further question that you have about the program via e-mail.

  • If at any point you feel uncomfortable or do not get the value that you wish, you can cancel at any time and receive a refund of 50% of the remaining value of that coaching cycle.
    (Example: You want to stop after session 2 of Coaching Cylce 1 – 350€ : 4 = 87,50€ per session – 50% of the value of the 2 remaining sessions = 87,50€ refund)
  • You have a 14-day refund option before the Mentoring program starts. The mentoring starts with the first Coaching session.
  • And I am always open for feedback and happy to adapt the coaching to your needs.

We can schedule the sessions according to your preference. Usually it is either weekly or bi-weekly. 
In Coaching Cycle 1 weekly sessions make sense, too.
In Coaching Cycle 2 and 3 bi-weekly sessions allow for more implementation time.

I have a cancellation policy of 12 hours. You just send me a message if you have a valid reason to re-schedule a session.
If you do not cancel or re-schedule a session within this time-frame (based on valid reason), I am not obliged to make up for it and you loose that 1:1 time with me.

  • You will be able to send me messages comfortably via e-Mail to a specific mentoring e-Mail address that I treat with priority.
  • You can send me your questions, drafts, ideas etc. to my personal inbox and I will  give specific feedback in writing or via voice message within 24 hours.
  • This support is available to you throughout the entire Coaching Cycle, maximum for 90 days.

I create a personal Shared Google Drive folder for each mentee. (Upon request also Dropbox is possible).
This allows for an individual journey as I can upload and share additional material for you individually based on your specific situation and wishes, additionally to the standard worksheets and inspirational input material.

  • In your personal Online Space (Shared Google Drive) you will find over time videos, articles, audios to help you in the specific step of your journey. 
  • Especially the Worksheets are core as preparation to our 1:1 sessions.
  • Based on our conversations and your individual journey I will upload additional material that is helpful for you in particular (i.e. links to platforms or tools that I share with you in our sessions so that you can look it up later).

I cannot give or guarantee you a new job or role. This will depend on your personal effort and the market developments.

But I can promise you that you will increase your chances to be seen as sustainability professional by far.

No, I cannot promise or provide you with a job. But I will show you, depending on your location, a few “green job” platforms. This mentoring program supports you in finding or creating a job – but you have to do the work, I just give you the tools and support.

This mentoring program is specifically for people who want to find the courage to create their own sustainability role or launch their sustainability project in their current role.

  • Although I give trainings in sustainability, this is not one of them 😉 But of course I will give you all the information and tools that I know if it helps you create your impact project or impact job.
  • If you are interested in a sustainability training, sign up for my Newsletter and you will be the first one to know when the next Sustainability Bootcamp is happening.
  • Not in a traditional way. You will not receive standard negotiation strategies or overall passion-finding and the like. It is a mentoring program specifically designed for people who already know they want to go “work in sustainability” – but don’t know how to get there. 
  • This mentoring program is specifically helpful if you want to understand how you can integrate sustainability into your current role or make a change within your current organisation. #everyjobisanimpactjob 
  • I can give you an overview of sustainability jobs, platforms and guidance on what skills and knowledge you actually need and how to communicate this.
  • In Cycle 1 we will find out whether you need to look for a new job or what opportunities you have to integrate sustainability in your current role.
  • If you are certain you are looking for a new job, in Cycle 2, I do offer support and feedback during your job application process like optimizing your CV and letter of motivation.

Coaches usually work more objectively and do not bring in personal stories for example. Their main task is to lead the Coachee to their own conclusions through specific exercises.

Mentors also work with very similar tools but on the other hand do bring in their personal experience and resources.

As a mentor I can assist and even advice you if you ask me for my professional opinion. But I also use tools from the Coaching space – so it will be a mix 😉 

Both professions are in full service of the personal development of the individual that is their mentee or coachee.

In most cases not. You always start with Cycle 1 as in my experience it is useful for mentees to take the time to reflect about their impact area, ideal job role and take a conscious decision whether they want to integrate sustainability in their current job or go for a new one. #shouldistayorshouldigo
I want to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.

In very specific cases, where people have a clear idea for an impact project that they want to launch in their current company or community, we can start with Cycle 2. Let’s discuss this in the Exploration Call.  

Yes, after the three Coaching Cycles you can book individual Coaching sessions to continue the sparring long-term. The cost per 1 hour session is 125€ net. We can agree on a bulk discount.

Cycle 1: 350€

Cycle 2: 450€

Cycle 3: 500€

Package Discount of 15% for booking Cycle 1&2 together: 680€ instead of 800€ – save 120€.

Package Discount of 20% for booking Cycle 1&2&3 together: 1.040€ instead of 1.300€ – save 260€. 

[Scroll up to the price list for limited special deals]

All prices on this webiste are net prices. 
The total price will depend on your respective country.

Because the depth of our collaboration increases. The longer we work together the more involved I will get as a mentor and sparrings partner. So my time investment will increase, the better I know you and your work situation, as well as your impact results will increase.

All questions resolved?

Take a courageous decision now.

The only people who really drive change in our world, are the one's who are brave enough to try out, make mistakes, fail, get back up, trust themselves and others and make bold decisions.

Let me support you on your impact journey towards becoming a Change Agent.


My Experiences

As a consultant, I have worked with teams in big corporations like Mercedes-Benz, H&M, Otto International by the Otto Group, Henkel, Tom Tailor, Phoenix Group and at impact organisations like Silbernetz, WunderTree, Klimapatenschaft GmbH, Krinova, 180 Degrees Consulting and other. Being a consultant and mentor, I really enjoy diving deep into different industries and driving change from within old systems as well as exploring innovative business models.

If you identify with – or want to identify with – any of those, then I am sure I will be able to support you on your journey towards the next level of impact in your work life.

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After working with me you will have taken ownership and can exaclty name and see what the impact is that you are creating through your daily actions.

No more wasting time and energy. You feel you are making a difference, every day.

You will be excited to share your goals and achievements with your friends and family and proudly talk about your work.

You finally will have found or created the place where you fit in – with your unique skills – without starting another Master’s Degree or taking hours of training.

Become a sustainability professional 
in less than 3 months – 
not 3 years.



impactful work
aligned with your values