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Find Work Alignment

WEDNESDAY 12-06-2024

Are you unhappy in your current employment and ready to move on to new adventures?
You are wondering which skills you need to work in sustainability?
Then you should not miss this session. 

It is completely free!

In this online live session you will receive, amongst other:

  1. Action Steps & Roadmap towards your impact job
  2. Checklist & Tipps to make your profile attractive for impact roles
  3. Skills overview relevant for sustainability professionals

After this session you will be able to:

  •  improve your LinkedIn and CV drastically
  • find the courage to network and apply in the impact industry
  • make an informed decision which courses will help you become a sustainability professional and which don’t

→ Ideal for #impactjobseekers

Your Impact Journey

THURSDAY 20-06-2024

Those 90 minutes are not a watch-with-camera-off webinar. It is a hands-on session where you will be guided through self-reflections, brainstorming in pairs and receive templates and exercises that you can conduct yourself.

There will be no recording of this session.
But it takes place every 20th of each Month –  free of charge 😉 

After this session you will have:

  •  made a decision on which path into sustainability is yours
  • at least 3 clear steps that you can take immediately to drive your career towards positive impact
  • connected with like-minded people which will give you a lot of motivation 

This workshop is ideal for you if you are still at the very beginning of your impact journey and feel completeley lost about what to do or where to start.

→ Ideal for everyone in the #impactcommunity

Integrate Sustainability

TUESDAY 25-06-2024

In this webinar I share with you 3 core elements that you should focus on if you want to successfully integrate sustainable practices into your workplace.

They are based on sustainability & leadership science and 10 years experience of working in the sustainability field.

After this session you will know:

  • what sustainability challenge to focus on 
  • which tools to use and skills to practice
  • how to win your boss and team
This webinar is ideal for you if you are passionate about sustainability – but it is not your main focus at work – yet. You see many challenges and opportunities in your current employment but have not yet managed to drive impact in your organisation or community.

It is not directed at sustainability experts – but those who want to become one in their industry.

Join for free.

→ Ideal for #impactpreneurs




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